Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Super Metroid - In Brinstar after acquiring Ice Beam

Man, how do you describe where you are in a game like this? I guess listing the last item you acquired is probably the way to go.

A few days ago, I decided I wanted to play an all-time classic game. One that either inspired future games or stands up today as still amazing after all these years. Since I most trust the opinion of those on the Talking Time forum, I asked them. Super Metroid was the clear winner out of the eight choice, garnering a near-majority. After playing it, I can see why.

When I played Metroid: Zero Mission, I thought to myself, "This is a great remake of the original Metroid, but the fact that it tells you where to go next ruins some of the fun of exploration and makes it a bit too easy. I bet if it just gave you the map and didn't tell you where to go, it would be perfect." Lo and behold, that is what Super Metroid does. Having a map (and being able to save) means you don't get frustrated like the original Metroid, but you still get the wonderful sense of freedom and exploration.

In a sense, this game shows what the apotheosis of the non-linear 2D platform game is. You see things that you can't get past now, and later acquire new abilities that will let you pass them, so you want to come back. But there are plenty of other places on the web you can go to hear about "Metroidvania" style games, including this week's Retronatus Bonus Stage which neatly puts them to rest.

Also, it is Metroid so you get the awesome bounty hunter in space theme. So far, I have found nothing to complain about and am having a blast.


Rob said...

This is the first time that you've played Super Metroid, right?

Davíd said...

It is.