Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Fire Emblem - Chapter 27: Cog of Destiny

Is it appropriate to play games in public?

I had a doctor's appointment today and my doctor is always running late. I decided to bring my DS in order to alleviate boredom while waiting. I got there on time, checked in, and took my seat. I realized a little late that Elite Beat Agents would not be an appropriate game to play in a doctor's office since it requires the sound, and even if I had headphones, I wouldn't want to miss my name being called. Fire Emblem was the game in the GBA slot, so that's what I ended up playing.

I couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious. I mean, no one was staring at me, that I could tell. Mostly people were either having conversations or reading the material available there. Still, I felt like I was a little weird for playing a video game in the doctor's office. Is it just not done? Is it that video games still have a stigma of being for kids and I was too old? Maybe it was just that my DS was pink.

I didn't finish the level while sitting in the office. I had to wait to come home before I could devote the time to beat it without a character dying. Fortunately, this level was much better than 26x. I really enjoy this game, but it is a flaw of myself - the need for perfection - that prevents it from being amazing.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you wouldn't have felt so parinoid if it wasn't a pink DS. (which to me was quite funny) As a teen I did my share of playing Video games in public, and it seems I haven't got the time. The only downtime I get is at home, and then on those slim occasions I have I don't have my ds with me! I think it wouldn't matter if you brought a DS(maybe other than pink). ;)