Friday, March 16, 2007

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Finished Turnabout Goodbyes

This game has a definite charm about its characters and their actions. I think a lot of that is because the game, even though supposed moved from a Tokyo setting to a Los Angeles setting, still feels very Japanese. Not only are there some concepts that weren't localized for a North American audience, sometime the way the characters speak or interact feels more Japanese. After having played two DS games recently with amazing localizations (Contact and Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime), this game is a little disappointed. It isn't bad, and I only noticed two typos/grammatical mistakes in the game, but it prevents total immersion.

Still, presenting the cases in court is a blast and the tension you feel when having to figure what is the right piece of evidence or the right conjecture is great.

The next case is the special, new DS-only case that takes more advantage of the DS features. I am looking forward to it.

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