Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Super Metroid - In Norfair after acquiring Grapple Beam

This game makes me nervous... and I like it.

There are always options about where to go. Should I continue exploring the current area or move on to a new one? Should I go back to a previous area with the new item I acquired, or contnue exploring? In general, I like to explore everywhere in a game and want to find everything. In Super Metroid, with no clear "correct" direction to go in, I feel like I may be missing things. Perhaps I'll progress too far without picking up the things on the side. Maybe I'm just going to lead myself in a big circle and accomplish nothing. I love it!

I also had my first negative experience in this game last night. I got to the part where you learn that you have the ability to wall jump. While learning how to do the speed booster jump from the ostrich was fairly self-explanatory, the guys who show you wall jumps weren't helpful at all. They made me aware that I could do wall jumps, but how wasn't exactly clear. I kept attempting to do them in a NES Batman way and was only occasionally successful, thus frustrating me greatly. Eventually, I just looked up the right way to do them.

I also had a fairly difficult time figuring out where to go. I thought that going back to Norfair seemed reasonable, but I couldn't successfully make the jump to get back there. With the high jump I now had that I didn't have the first time there, I would hit the ceiling and lose momentum. Fortunately, after twice exploring other areas for awhile, I went back for a third try and managed to make the jump (I think with the help of a wall jump). This and the above negative experience were minor setbacks, but I am still fairly in awe of this game.

Also, every time I have a grappling hook ability in a game, I expect it to work like Bionic Commando. Not that other ways of working are wrong, but, well, Bionic Commando just has so many awesome memories for me.

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