Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Castlevania III - Stage 7A with Sypha

Since the game isn't that long, I decided to try it through with each character and see all the different stages. At some point during this stage, though, I decided I'd had enough. Castlevania III is a good game. I've come around on that. But I'm really ready for something else. Maybe I'll come back to it, but probably not. I mean, this is the last unique stage that I hadn't seen and the boss at end is one I've fought before so... I have no great desire to finish the game.

As for characters, Sypha falls right in the middle of Grant and Alucard for usefulness. She has no special platforming skills and swinging her staff does require some wind-up, but it seems to hit enemies in a short arc in front of her, making it better for bats and birds swooping down. Also, her sub-weapon magic is incredibly powerful. The ice attack will take care of any regular enemy. Her other two are very powerful against bosses and can take them down quickly.

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