Sunday, March 25, 2007

Castlevania III - Beat the game with Grant

I think one of the reasons I wasn't so into Castlevania III is that there is a significant lull in the middle levels. The early are work well. They aren't too challenging and get you used to what is coming up ahead. Also, the music is pretty nice. The late levels also work very well and have some of the old school Castlevania challenge that I am used. I had a ball on the final level and in beating Dracula in his various forms. Also, there the music definitely improves (even if some of it is remakes of tunes from earlier games).

Anyway, I adored the final level. It had just the right amount of pattern recognition and staying on your toes that I want in a platform game like this. After having such a good time at the end of the game, I am sorely tempted to go through it again with a different helper. Probably Alucard, since I haven't tried playing with him yet.

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