Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Vice: Project Doom - Beat the Game

Man, I never realized how good the translation for the Ninja Gaiden games is. I mean, if you are going for pure action, all the story is kept in the instruction booklet. If you have cut scenes between the levels, they better make some sense or they really detract from the game.

As predicted, I beat the game today. I guess that doesn't say a lot for its difficulty. I mean, if I compare it to the Ninja Gaiden games, this game is a cakewalk. I guess for someone who wanted the play-style of Ninja Gaiden but an easier time, this would be a good game. As for me, I like them difficult.

It did leave my fingers twitching and I have no clue if the strategy I used for the final boss is the best one, but I ended up running out of time the first time I tried it.

I'll have to let this sit for a day before reviewing. It's not a bad game, and I had fun, but I'm waffling between calling it good or merely above average.

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