Friday, January 19, 2007

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap - Completing Loose Ends

Sometimes I get obsessive over fully completing a game. Especially if it involves exploring everywhere to discover every last whatsit. As long as doing so doesn't make me tear my hair out in frustration, I am all for it. So, before I ventured into Dark Hyrule castle, I wanted to get all the things I could. I needed to do all the kinstone fusions, get all the pieces of heart, and collect every figurine.

I succeeded in this, but didn't do it all on my own. I was able to get down to 3 kinstone fusions left before I broke down and had to check where they all were. I got all but one heart container piece without having to look up where the last one was. As for the figurines, I had to read about and use the recurring 20 rupees to get enough shells to get the final 8 or so figurines.

The most frustrating thing was probably doing all the chicken rescues. Man, especially the last one was ridiculously hard. But I did it and now the woman has all her cuccos back.

Time to take on Vaati.

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