Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New Year's Eve was a Karaoke Revolution

This post is two days late, but I just realized that I should count all games played, not just ones I do solo.

So it's New Year's Eve and I'm a friend's house who live a block from me. I've had quite a bit of alcohol by this point, though I'm not sure if that would change anything. Music is on and people are dancing. Fun is being had, but it could be more fun. Someone pipes in with, "Where's the karaoke?"

Half the people in the room nod their head, realizing that, yes, karaoke would be totally awesome. It is time for me to step up.

"I have it at my house," I say. "I can go grab it and be right back."

And so it is on, after a delay to walk the dog and grab some beer, the Playstation 2, two microphones, and three volumes of Karaoke Revolution are brought to the party and the fun begins.

While I haven't exactly hidden the fact that I have karaoke games (My friend Melissa and I played it when she was in town and I mentioned that I could bring it when I was considering going up to Idaho on my birthday), this was the first time I had exposed it to everyone and it was a great success.

Since I was the owner of the karaoke, it was my job to start off the evening, and I believe I did so with Don't You (Forget About Me). Songs then progressed so that ABC, Careless Whisper, I Got You Babe, Unchained Melody, New York New York, Billie Jean, Broken Wings, Chain of Fools, Complicated, It's the End of the World As We Know It, One Week, Red, Red Win, Son of a Preacher Man, When a Man Loves a Woman, You're the One That I Want, Every Breath You Take, and Jessie's Girl Were All Heard From. I even tried to get a full "annoy the hostess" set going with Love Shack, Celebration, and Sweet Home Alabama, but she was already passed out by that time.

Anyway, tons of people got involved and everyone loved it. Karaoke will definitely be making its way to future parties.

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Keep spreading the love!