Saturday, January 6, 2007

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Defeated Colonel Volgin

Let me just say that I love the sneaking in this game. More than either of the first two Metal Gear Solids, I am totally getting immersed and feel like I'm sneaking around. Planting the explosives on the fuel tanks while avoiding the guards was great - hiding behing corners and under vehicles. Totally real. I just saw the movie Children of Men and the scene where he is sneaking out of the Fishers' compound totally reminded me of it.

I think part of what makes the sneaking in this game more real is the lack of radar. When you could see the enemy's cone of vision, it just seemed more like a game. Now you have to hope you are far away or out of their sight range. Also, the new camouflage mechanic in this game means that you are crawling on your belly a lot more (less likely to be seen / blend in more with the environment) which also makes it much more realistic. All I know is I could picture myself crawling on the floor, looking around for guards, taking out people with tranquilizer shots, and hiding under tanks waiting for guards to pass.

The fight with Volgin was pretty nice too. At first, I feared it would be like the fight with The Fury. That I would just require luck to finish it. But then I saw that I was doing progressively better each time and eventually was able to finish him handily. I played a little of the motorcycle chase scene after the fight and that seems like it will be very fun.

To recap, the bosses I've fought so far include:

  • A somewhat effeminate and animal-like dude with a fascination for old revolvers
  • A dude who controls bees, using them as a shield and as bullets
  • A chameleon-like guy who has an unnatural ability to blend in with his surroundings, but must eat often because of that
  • An incredibly old sniper who can photosynthesize
  • A former astronaut gone crazy who is now a pyromaniac with a jetpack and flame thrower
  • A dead guy tormented by his own death who can commune with the dead and brings back everyone you've killed to torment you
  • A Russian Colonel with 20,000 volts running through him who can electrify himself and you in various ways

I think I have a fight with a tank that can move through any terrain and the ultimate special forces/martial arts woman left. Isn't this game great?

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