Saturday, February 24, 2007

Super Castlevania IV - Level B-2

Unfortunately, I didn't get any further in this game on one credit than the last time I played, so I cannot count this in that category. I did want to see what else the game offered, so I continued playing.

One thing I discovered is that levels apparently count in hexadecimal. After level 9 comes level A. Kind of funny.

The awesome thing is that once you get to level A, the music starts being remixes of classic Castlevania tunes. Yeah, that rocks.

The not awesome thing is that while level A is hard, level B is downright ludicrous. At the beginning you are climbing down stairs and have a slim hope of dodging the guys. After that you cross a crumbling bridge with bats chasing you (but there is a trick to passing this without taking a scratch that took me a while to figure out). Level B-2 is where the hell starts. There is a spinning razor at the bottom of the screen that moves upwards so you have to always be moving upwards faster than it. This wouldn't be so bad if the way to do that were not to have to jump on stairs the start crumbling as soon as you set foot on them. Even if you pass this section, you get to a section where platforms appear from the bottom of the screen moving diagonally up and to the left. You have to move between them without jumping too high so you don't hit the spikes on the ceiling as you are working your way up. This section of the game reminds me much of Battletoads.

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