Friday, February 9, 2007

Indigo Prophecy - Heading to Wishita Base

Every review I read described Indigo Prophecy as an adventure game (or as "the next evolution of adventure games" or something similarly absurdly profound). It definitely has many adventure elements. Having to find items and use them correctly is a key adventure mainstay and there are many sections of the game that play like that. Still, there are also several sections of the game that play more like an interactive movie. There are basically prescripted sequences and while they are unfolding, you must press the analog sticks in the same directions that the colored lights show you. Or maybe quickly alternate between pressing L1 and R1. These sequences owe much more to Dragon's Lair than, say, King's Quest. I won't be changing the genre I put this game into, but if indeed this does represent the evolution of adventure games, it is an intriguing direction.

Also, just about every I talked to who had played the game said that the story is really good until the end. Being at pretty much the end, I can concur. It starts out as a mystery that takes on a horror bent. All that seems fine. The fact that I am heading to this military base in order to save the world? Yeah, not so much.

Oh, I guess I just gave a minor spoiler. Yeah, the reason I subtitle each entry is so you can see where I am in the game. I consider anything I have experienced up to that point in the game to be fair game for these entries.

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