Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kid Icarus - One Credit Challenge, Beat the Game

It is done.

I have beaten Kid Icarus without dying.

I passed the reapers in the first world. I passed the annoying thieves that steal your weapon in the second world. I passed the metroids in the third world. I sang the tune I had somehow made up at age 9 when the phrase "Pit equipped himself with the three treasures" appears before world 4. I owned Medusa in possibly one of the easiest final boss fights in history.

I consider myself done with this one credit challenge. Oh sure, I could keep playing until I have the max number of points (999,999) or just keep looping through the game again until I collapse from exhaustion, but I think this is it. I got the best ending, anyway. Giant Pit and kiss from Palutena FTW!

Anyway, this was a ton of fun. I'm glad I stumbled across this opportunity.

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