Friday, February 2, 2007

Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode - Beat the game

Golgo 13 is the Nintendo game notorious for one thing: sex scenes. You play a sexy James Bond-esque spy and meet several female spies during the course of your adventures. At two points during the game, you meet up with a female spy in a hotel room, exchange information about the case you are working on, wax philosophical on life, war, and spying (well, she does anyway. Your typical respones is "....") and then the scene cuts to outside the hotel where you see two silhouettes come toward each other, embrace, and then the light in the hotel room turns off and your health is restored.

Here you see Duke Togo seducing the sexy Cherry Grace - or is it Eve Christy? Or Maria Lovelette?

Of course, while Golgo 13 (and its sequel as I am told) might have been most explicit about characters having sexual encounters back when Nintendo was sensoring swearing, smoking, drinking, and blowing up hamsters, there is at least one other game with implied sex and it came from Nintendo themselves. You can't tell me that, in Zelda II, the lady in the red dress that invites you into her house isn't a prostitute. She even restores your health, just like in Golgo 13! (And I don't want to think about what happens with the old lady who restores your magic.)

However, Golgo 13 has another distinction that is rarely mentioned. Mostly because to see it you need to get to the end of the game and that can be pretty difficult. When you do, you find that the leader of the Drek terrorists is Smirk, a man with a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler. He is producing countless clones of himself that have the feature of their head detaching and flying at you once you kill them. Once you take out the machine producing the clones, the final scene involves you shooting Hitler's brain with a sniper rifle. How cool is that? This makes Golgo 13 the second NES game I know of that involves destroying Hitler at the end. (The other one being Bionic Commando.)

Anyway, review coming shortly.

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