Monday, February 5, 2007

Indigo Prophecy - Vision in Lucas' Apartment

Indigo Prophecy was hailed as an attempt to bring back pure adventure games. Like any good adventure game, it does indeed focus on story, exploration, and puzzle solving. It also has several sequences that rely on reflexes. These are little mini-games that involve colored lights flashing in various directions and then having to press the analog sticks in those directions. When I think of an action/adventure game, I think of an action game with adventure elements. This is much more of an adventure game with action elements. Plenty of adventure games have some action sequences. I'm thinking of the fights inIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade or the train sequence in Heart of China. Still, the reflex mini-games required to pass certain areas seem to make this game a little more of a gray area. Not enough that I won't label it adventure, though.

The story is really cool. You start the game as a Lucas Kane, a guy that has just murdered a man and has no idea why, but realizes he needs to act fast so as to not get caught. Once you clean up enough evidence of your deed, the next sequence of the game has you play the two cops who come to investigate the murder and you have to find all the evidence you have previously hidden. Further sequences in the game aren't nearly as clever in their juxtaposition, but playing as the guy trying to figure out what is going on with him and the cops attempting to solve his crime is a great idea.

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