Monday, December 11, 2006

Contact - Got Third Cell

I had a conversation with a friend recently about our choice in video games. He said that, now that we are older and have played all the standard games, we are much more likely to pick up quirky games, because, even if they aren't any more fun than normal games, they are at least new and different. This was in my response to my describing Contact to him.

I'm enjoying Contact just fine. It is a good, solid game. But it really isn't any better than a traditional good, solid Japanese RPG would be. It's just different.

It breaks the fourth wall by involving you, the player, in the game. It is generally real-time with you telling the main character what to do and him doing it. The main character wears different suits to give him different abilities and can apply decals to increase stats and make other things happen. While the main screen has more traditional RPG artwork, the professor, his dog, and his spaceship look straight out of Earthbound.

All of this quirkiness is nice, but it doesn't really make the game significantly better than something like Golden Sun (well, except that it doesn't have uninteresting dialog that drags on forever). Still, I'm having fun with the game. There was a slight hiccough where I couldn't figure out the thing I had to attack as the boss of the third cell, but now I've done that and am moving on the next area.

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