Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Animal Crossing: Wild World - Making Money

Animal Crossing gets to feel like work. Especially when I am just trying to make the money to expand my house. Having to search all the rocks for the one that gives out money, and harvest and sell the fruit just isn't that interesting to do over and over again. I often feel like I'd rather play other games for their gameplay experience, but I feel like I should play Animal Crossing and perform all the routines.

I suppose I feel the payoff is worth it. I really do want to get the cool new items and to do that I need to play every day. And I need to do the tedious tasks in order to make money. Once I get all the house expansions done, the money-making tedium won't be nearly what it used to be. And I did just expand my house, so I have a new room to decorate.

I often feel obligated to keep playing a game because I have an urge to beat every game I play. With this game, there is no way to beat it, so I don't feel that. I like the exploration in the game - of seeing and doing new things and reaching new goals. It just totally feels like I am doing work in order to get there. I wonder if I should take a break and it will be better later or if this is always the way the "mid-game" feels?


Anonymous said...

Did you get some fruits from other towns yet so you can plant rare trees? It took me a while to do this becuase I am a paranoid and didn't want to let anyone into my town, but once I did the rare fruits really sped up my money-making.

Davíd said...

I did. I now have all the different types of fruits growing in my town. Also, a bunch of stuff has started happening, including snow on the ground, getting the golden slingshot, and getting another room in my house.

I think I'm going to have to give up playing the stalk market so I can just play the game whenever I feel like it instead of checking turnip prices twice a day.

Freya said...

is there any hardware for ds that can produce bells on animal crossing? please tell me because i know someone who has this thing that gave him alot of money and gold roses. please tell me of any hardware you know of.