Monday, April 2, 2007

Super Metroid - Beat the game

After the vast expanse that was Maridia, tackling Ridley in Norfair was a piece of cake. It was all relatively linear (though I did end up inadvertently going back to the beginning of the level and having to do it again) and I went through, killed Ridley, then had my final confrontation with Mother Brain.

I'm very satisfied after beating the game. It gave me the chance to go where I want and choose what to do next. I attempted to explore everywhere and still finished the game with only 96% of the items. I also came in just over the ten hour mark (Was it really that short? It seems like so much longer) and am sorely tempted to try again with a speedy run to come in under three hours. The game is truly that good.

Yes, it is that good. As I was playing through it, I kept looking for little flaws. I found them, but after finishing the game, I realize just how inconsequential they were. Super Mario Bros. 3 wasn't perfect, but it was still the epitome of 2D platforming on the NES. Similarly, Super Metroid stands out as the 2D exploratory platformer.

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