Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pokemon Diamond - Got the second badge

While this game still doesn't blow me away, I find myself becoming more and more attached to it. Yes, I think I have the fever that wants to catch all the possible Pokemon. This I will attempt to do. It is really kind of insidious how this game worms itself into you. I'm starting to memorize all the strengths and weaknesses and decide on which Pokemon are best to battle with.

I tried out the underground for the first time and it seems an interesting concept. It is almost a completely separate game from the normal Pokemon world. You search for treasure, avoid traps, and set up a secret base. You can also interact with other players through local Wi-Fi. So far, it seems kind of semi-formed. There is a good amount of stuff there, but there don't necessarily seem to be adequate rewards for doing it. I haven't tried everything yet, so I'll see.

I also played around with the global trade station for the first time. You basically put up your Pokemon for trade and anyone in the world that wants your Pokemon and has what you want can pull the trigger. It seems like a great idea. Right now, I am testing out the theory proposed that Japanese players will do anything for Pokemon with English names so I uploaded a relatively weak one asking for one of the starter Pokemon.

Needless to say, I will rarely run out of stuff to do in this game. Because, by the way, I advanced the story a bit by acquiring the second gym badge.


Rob said...

Story? This game has a story? Oh David, you amuse me!

I too, finished the second gym last night and have been tooling around with the cut ability. I went to the abandoned chateau earlier to check it out, and ended up getting this plate that helps with dark pokemon. This is awesome since you gave me Murder One. Murder One, along with Pearl One have quickly become my go to guys for battling. Thanks, David!

Also: where did you go to to unlock the underground stuff?

Anonymous said...

i still don't know how to get secret base! i'm confused!!!