Friday, June 12, 2009

The weekend begins!

As of now (well, technically 4:09) my weekend on pure video games has begun. I plan to devote as much time this weekend to playing games as possible. I'll break for food, bathroom, dog walking, and maybe a little socializing. We'll see. But here, dear reader, I plan to document everything that has gone on.

To keep me fueled for this weekend, I planned to pick up several energy drinks. My friend Paul is an expert on those and so I consulted him are what are the best varieties. According to him, Sobe Energy Drink (low carb) and Rockstar Energy Drink (low carb) are the two best with Rockstar providing more of a jolt. Of course, in the three drug stores/corner markets I visited between last night and now, I could find none of them. I grabbed a sugar-free Rockstar to get me started, but I'll have to make a stop at the nearby supermarket tonight.

Anyway, I plan to periodically blog about my experiences this weekend. Here goes!


Jonathon Howard said...


you need a plan! Or you're going to get sidetracked or waylaid! Have you written up a list of the games you'll be playing and when you plan on beating them/ moving on to the next one?

For more fun I suggest not sleeping, that way by Sunday night your comments here will be bordering nonsense and will be hysterical to your audience.

Tresa said...

Nos is the best energy drink, hands down. Unless you *like* the taste of taurine, in which case, I don't recommend it.