Saturday, June 13, 2009

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - Finished the game

Time: Saturday 3:56am
Games Played: Quordy, Klonoa
Drinks consumed: 1 Sugar Free Rockstar, 2 Glasses of White Wine, 1 Sugar Free Red Bull, 1 Guayakí Yerba Mate Pure Empower Mint

Man, Klonoa is supposed to be a dream or all a dream world or whatever, but some of that stuff will give me nightmares. There's some weird fever dream stuff in there.

I am a bad enough dude to rescue the president.

The game really is incredibly well defined, being a significant challenge by the last level. It may be my fatigue but the last level and then the last boss (and all his forms) had me cursing up a storm. There was also one puzzle that my brain just couldn't work out at this time in the morning that I had to resort to looking up (and felt like an idiot when I saw what the solution was). But I more or less loved this game. Pretty sure it will go on my (imaginary) list of best platformers.

I think the ending was a bit too built up for me. I'd heard it was bittersweet. And yeah, it isn't totally happy, but it still maintains the general feel of a children's story. Nice, but not really impressive.

I like this explanation of why the other characters in the game don't actually help you save the world.

So yeah, one game down.

I guess I can replay the levels now to get the characters I missed out on. And I unlock new things. I'll see how I feel in the morning because boy howdy do I need some rest. The drinks have failed me.

And what the hell does "for your phantomile..." mean? Oh this game!

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