Saturday, April 12, 2008

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter - Defeated Modified Bosch

I had to D-Dive for the first time in this battle. D-Diving is basically turning into your dragon form where you are a super bad-ass. The downside, of course, is that doing this raises your D-Counter. Once that reaches 100, it's game over. You lose your humanity or become some evil dragon or something like that (the game isn't exactly clear on that issue) and you're done.

I find the tension of whether to use your super ability delicious. In some games, not using a limited resource has no real consequence. It may make the game a little harder or be a little more frustrating, but it doesn't seriously change the game. In Dragon Quarter, it's at the heart of the game. The requirement to use limited resources is also present in the fact that there is never any automatic healing. The only way to heal is to use healing items and aside from the few you can find in the course of your adventure, you'll have to buy them at shops. The creates another tension in whether to use your money to upgrade your weapons and armor or use it to stock up on healing items.

All that said, I was a little disappointed because it seemed I had to D-Dive in order to win this battle. The boss regenerated a massive amount of health each turn and the amount of damage I could do it wasn't consistently high enough each turn to lower his health beyond what he would regenerate. I do feel a bit cheated in that respect, but since this is my first playthrough of the game, I suspect that I'm underpowered from what I could be and that if this were a later playthrough I could actually beat him without becoming a dragon.

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Aaron Robinson said...

I know you’ve already finished the game, but I thought I’d add my 2c.

When it comes to fighting Bosch, I remember that I ended up just blasting through him with my Dragon abilities when I first fought him, but there is a trick to him. He regenerates less the more you damage him, so if you can save up enough AP and let him have it, he’ll find it harder and harder to regain the health he loses. He’ll get stronger too, but if you’re quick and have enough healing items you’ll be able to stay a step ahead. What can really puts the battle in your favour is discharge, which is probably the most overpowered ability in the game.

When you took Nina back to Trinity you could initiate a side quest to get Nina medicine, if you did it you’d be able to get the discharge ability. This saves up all damage Ryu takes during a fight and lets him dish it out in a single blow (the damage meter resets after its been used, but it can be used again). Use it after knocking around Bosch for a while and he’ll be unable to recoup the loss. It’s a mighty helpful ability towards the end of the game too.